As Denis mentioned "It's seven pages of script" about her video work in interview, "xi" is a page for verifying the hypothesis as an online self-using exhibition. It's a syntax experiment that deals with the page itself.

This exhibition, consisting of pictures or images, spoken words, written words, captured words, magnified drawings, sound etc. is always temporary and continues to be reworked at free time for the page will maintain its plasticity. It's not an inherent disposition, but it's an attempt that keeps changing, itself is a disposition.

Compresses the transition of attention at a particular moment in memories to pure exercise using gaze flow, rhythms, semantics. The process of reconstructing it as a secondary situation focuses on the quality that way of narrating the stories rather than the arbitrariness of individual feelings and memories.





"xi" isn't the chain of two letters fixed a pronunciation or nomenclature, only when it's written as information visible on the page, it plays a proper noun role for this project. It expresses the moment when an abstract concept and vast aggregate that is told at the stage of utterance is replaced with concrete information in a compulsory form.


Not sent out, no one knows, no one sees, no productivity? ...No problem. This is a frontier based on non-profit and self-contained ideas.



"iconoclasm .txt [install]by Keiichiro Fujiwara

"do not confuse sociopath with anarchism when considering the validity of a claimby Keiichiro Fujiwara

"PRO​-​Slaves means Big Data Slaves, Status Slaves, Number Slaves, Mean Slaves, Mass​-​Media Slaves, Health Slaves, Tag Slaves, Reality Slaves, Recognition Slaves, Story Slaves, Magazine Slaves, Politics Slaves, Gender Gap Slavesby Keiichiro Fujiwara

"Return to Veniss Dem [All Fake Money Washed Out, Hopeless Doom's Day on World War III]by Veniss Dem

"just look around proto​-​ambience of unpolished materials on the board without spinningby hermit [𝑓.+𝑎𝑟𝑒𝑛𝑎+ℑ𝔏𝔘𝔖.𝑒𝑑𝑖𝑡]

"BRUSHUP'NEXTINDUSTRY2021 [LONGEST 50 SECONDS OF MY LIFE]by genomyia micans McLachlan LFT Emitt

"POP" by Keiichiro Fujiwara

"hermit [不知火]" by VA [xidual.1td]

"REAL TRASH LFT JUST A SHELL, THE WORLD NEVER "GREAT" AGAIN medieval real medieval_greataxe-throwing CAMP party [low-key This party is dead ...]" by +jhonas+

"キメラの陰画 [wasteoftime​]​_Negaof Chimeric" by 𝔙ℑ [prod.留居守]

"medieval real medieval_ greataxe-throwing "CAMP" party [low-key: This party is dead ...]"

"III" by 𝑓.

"don't tasting, just admit it, respect it. [& i don't admit the added value @ yr judgement. it was just yr violations. did you understand​?​]" by 𝑎𝑟𝑒𝑛𝑎 + 𝔙ℑ

"witness pro" by 𝔙ℑ [prod.witness]

"(​(​ringtone​)​) _this call wasn't my smartphone call lol II [userrystyle​.​f'n'k]" by user

"(​(​ringtone​)​) _this call wasn't my smartphone call lol" by user

"i don't wanna be like someone else, i don't wanna be others, i just kept myself like someone else. why you don't like that? [director's cut]" by ℑ𝔏𝔘𝔖 [留居守] a.k.a. ℛ𝒴𝒪_𝒮𝒜ℰℬ𝒜

"DONTCRY2021 [individuality of unknown insiders stay outside in this world]" by genomyia micans McLachlan LFT Emitt




"77​:​6dt'sellyrdog2ihsbrs​.​t" by 𝑓. ft.witness

"𝓟𝓞𝓢𝓔_2𝓝 .𝓽𝔁𝓽 [魔境篇]" by arena

"𝔓𝔒𝔖𝔈_2𝔑 .𝔱𝔵𝔱 [ハテ部篇]" by 𝔙ℑ [𝑎𝑟𝑒𝑛𝑎 .𝑒𝑑𝑖𝑡]

"introduction xidual​.​1td" by user

"しゅたッ" by arena

"witness" by witness

"DONTCRY2020" by genomyia micans McLachlan LFT Emitt

"scales in2 the helix containing blue​-​grey light metal 'thn" by VA [xidual.1td]

"xiby user